Xamarin iOS: Learn from scratch to expert

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With Visual Studio for MAC create native applications in C # for iOS



What you’ll learn

You will create native mobile apps for iOS with Xamarin using Visual Studio for Mac


Seas Welcome to the course of Xamarin iOS , learn from scratch the main features of iOS on your way to be an expert in developing native applications using Visual Studio for Mac in language C #.


The course is designed in such a way that you can learn step by step the main features of iOS development, where you will see the following topics:


Passage between different views (windows)


Use of tabs in iOS


Playback of local multimedia content and the Internet


Access to the image library


Camera access


Store images in the library and in the application folder


Touch gesture


Drag gesture


Rotation gesture


Biometric Sensor (TouchID)






Access to different types of Maps and markers


Route paths on Maps


Google Maps


Google StreeView


Gravity animation


Anchor animation


Bounce animation


Different web viewers


Document Viewer


Simple Local Notification


Local Notification by calendar


Local Notification with response and obtaining the message


SQLite storage


Queries of all records in SQLite and their display in a Table


Detailed SQLite queries from a selection of a listing in a Table


Query data from a REST Service in json format based on geolocation


Record storage in the Azure Cloud


File storage in the Azure Cloud


View Azure Cloud data


View Azure Cloud files


Load layer and queries in custom tables


Generation of publication certificates


Apple account authentication in Visual Studio with fastlane


IPA file generation from Visual Studio


Preparation for publication with ITunes Connect and Open Application Loader.


All modules start the application from scratch, that is, we do not have pre-loaded projects with previously made codes. The important thing is that you learn the process since you open Visual Studio for Mac.




Important Note: For the number of students in the course, the link to download all the codes used in the course is included by direct message within the platform, so there is no personalized advice at the moment.


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