WordPress + Brizy + Canva: Become a web designer!

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Modern tools like Brizy make becoming a Web Designer in a short time possible.

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What you’ll learn
  • You will learn WordPress and web design from scratch.
  • You will learn to use Brizy to create amazing designs in WordPress.
  • You will learn concepts related to websites such as “Web hosting” or “Web domain”, and how to use them.
  • You will learn to obtain images of free use and in high definition as material for the designs.
  • You will learn to create attractive image designs in Canva for use in Brizy.
  • You will learn to optimize a website in WordPress so that it always works smoothly.
  • You only need to know how to use the web browser.
  • For 99% of the course you don’t need knowledge about HTML and CSS.
  • No knowledge of graphic design is required.

Hello and welcome or welcome to this course where you will learn all the concepts to become a modern web designer, and where you will also perform the necessary practices to finish the course in conditions to start working.

Although the content of this course is designed so that as a web designer you invest in the Pro version of Brizy, if you prefer to use only its Free version, this course will also serve you but you will not be able to use some features.

Anyway, as we will see in more depth in one of the videos, the investment cost of Brizy Pro can be covered with the first website you sell.

We will cover all the concepts and practical exercises, from the use of the Brizy demo to the creation of a free trial website in CloudHeader, so you can practice what you have learned by setting up a real website with zero extra investment.

We will also explain some extra concepts such as “What is web hosting?”, “What is a web domain name?”.¬†We will even play a great tool, also free, that will help you generate and edit the images to use on your website, I speak of the Canva tool.

Brizy is currently taking its first steps, so this course will be updated weekly with each new functionality that the Brizy team adds.

At the end of the course you will be able to create complete websites in just a few hours, or a couple of days in the case of larger websites, mount them in a web hosting service and optimize them.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wishes to start a web design business with modern tools.
  • Any person who prefers to make his web pages himself.
  • People who already work in web design but who need to learn to use modern tools to avoid losing competitiveness.


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