The Most Famous Dish In The Levant And Iraq

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Jordanian Mensef(The best recipes is detailed step by step)(Attached some of heritage, civilization, &culture of Jordan)



What you’ll learn

  • Definition of mensef
  • How to cook mensef ( Ingredients, the method of preparation, & offering)
  • A look around the most famous food in the Arab region.


  • There is no prior knowledge.
  • Basic kitchen utensils: oven, pots, dishes, spoons … etc.




It is the most famous Jordanian popular main food dish.

It presents on occasions: holidays, weddings, solace, feasts, and family meetings.

It offers in the region: Arabic in general, and Levant and Iraq in particular.


Mensef dish clearly and explicitly contradicts the Jewish dogma which forbids the cooking of meat in yogurt. The history of mensef dates back to the reign of King Misha’ Al-Mu’abi (founder of the city of Karak 147 BC, unified to unite the kingdom of Dibul in the battle of Dibul, where 4,000 Jews were captured). He asked to cook meat with yogurt to make sure that his people who knew Jewish teachings were hostile to the Jews.


Al-Mensef’s name dates back to two novels:1 to blow up (ensef) the covenants and covenants with the Jews who blew up (nesefo) covenants and covenants with King Misha’or2 to cleanse (clean) of wheat by women because there was no harvest at that time.


It consists of three main components: jameed (yogurt), meat, and rice. It varies: from one region to another, and in some way from another, with some additions or simple changes in ingredients.

In addition to you will know Some of heritage, civilization, and culture of my country (Jordan).

Author(s): Ahmad Saleem AlGhoti


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