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The Complete Astrology Reading Course

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Simple Strategies to Learn how to Read Birth Charts



What you’ll learn

  • Read your Own Natal Chart and Up and Coming Transits
  • Create your Own Astrological Forecast
  • Learn Western/Tropical Astrology
  • Bridge the GAP between Western/Tropical and Eastern/Vedic Astrology


  • Know your Birth Time, Birth Date and Birth Place
  • Access to Internet


Are you aware of the energy vibrations around you and would like to have a system that explains it all?

Astrology is an ancient Science that can be used to give insight and awareness of the energy clashes and compatibility of those in your life.

The benefits of Astrology include having affirmation during difficult times, and learning how to organize your life around the best cycles according to your birthday.

Author(s): Kareen Williams


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