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Real Estate Marketing in the Digital Age

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Strategies to attract more customers and sell more homes online

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What you’ll learn

In this book you will discover the secrets of digital marketing applied to the real estate business to capture more prospects online and sell more homes.

You will know the keys to start the process of digital transformation of your real estate business if you have not already done so.

You will learn to know the needs of your client to anticipate them, generating an amazing user experience.

You will discover the travel states of the current homebuyer. I will detail the different states that a buyer goes through.

I will detail different strategies so you can get the most out of your marketing budget.

You will know the Inbound marketing methodology and how you can implement it in your business to generate more prospects.

You will learn to build customer loyalty through advanced email marketing techniques.

You will learn about advanced techniques of Lead Nurturing, Lead Scoring and Drip Email to improve your customer’s shopping experience.

I will tell you the 4 most common mistakes of a Lead scoring implementation in the current real estate business.

I will tell you how to improve the digital identity of your business to position yourself as an expert in your sector.

Define and design the buyer person of your business to create effective marketing campaigns.

Advanced techniques The mentality of the Telemarketing team, how to sell more homes with less investment and resources. Lead acquisition interested in buying homes in Spain.

The mentality of the Telemarketing team, how to sell more homes with less investment and resources.

Techniques to improve the conversion rate of leads that reach your inbox.

You will learn to capture international homebuyers interested in your promotions.

You will know how to get rid of the competition and build more confidence with your potential client.


The way we buy housing and how we look for investment opportunities has changed dramatically. The traditional real estate business is increasingly limited with traditional sales channels, typical real estate fairs, housing listing portals or even traditional advertising media. The quality of the contacts generated through these means is decreasing while the investment in recruitment is increasing more and more.


We are living a second golden age in real estate and the amount of opportunities thanks to technology is almost unlimited, but these opportunities are not in sight of every entrepreneur in the sector. Only the most visionary entrepreneurs with the greatest capacity to adopt new technologies in their business will take advantage of this situation.


This book is aimed at the real estate entrepreneur . If you don’t have a business in the sector, be it a real estate company, a developer or a construction company, don’t read this book. If you are waiting for a 180º turn to your business overnight, do not read this book. If you think that digital transformation does not go with you and that it is a passing fad, please do not read this book.


On the other hand, if you think there is something else out there apart from the real estate fairs and the typical portals of housing listings, this book is for you. If you have a feeling that digital marketing has a brutal potential for your business , but you feel overwhelmed by so much technology and information, this book is for you. If you have recently implemented a digital marketing strategy in your business, but it is not giving you the results you expected, stop everything you are doing and read this book right now.


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