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Public Speaking Complete Presentation Skills Masterclass A-Z

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Learn the public speaking and Presentation Skills to giving a master presentation 2020 | Step by Step


What you’ll learn

  • Look comfortable, confident and relaxed in any speaking situation
  • Speak in a clear and understandable manner
  • How to quickly identify the goals of your audience without them knowing you did it


  • A willingness to speak out loud and not simply read or watch videos about speaking
  • No prior knowledge of how to make presentations using software is required


Public speaking is important in both business, education, and the public arena. There are many benefits to public speaking whether you’re an individual or a business.

In this Course, we’ll define public speaking for you. We’ll also discuss the importance of public speaking in general as well as the importance of public speaking in business. Plus, we’ll connect you to some resources that can help you become a better public speaker including some public speaking examples.

The Importance of Public Speaking

If you ask most people, they’ll probably say they don’t like public speaking. They may even admit to being afraid of it, since fear of public speaking is a very common fear. Or they may just be shy or introverted. For those reasons, many people avoid public speaking if they can. If you’re one of those people who avoid public speaking, you’re missing out.

Over the years, public speaking has played a major role in education, government, and business. Words have the power to inform, persuade, educate, and even entertain. And the spoken word can be even more powerful than the written word in the hands of the right speaker.

Whether you’re a small business owner, a student, or just someone who’s passionate about somethingyou’ll benefit if you improve your public speaking skills, both personally and professionally. Some benefits to public speaking include:

How to Become Better at Public Speaking

Okay, so now that you understand the benefits of public speaking, you might be a little more interested. Still, you might think it’s not for you. Maybe you gave a speech once and it didn’t go well. Maybe you’re afraid of public speaking. Or maybe you think you don’t have a natural ability for giving speeches.

The truth is that public speaking is a skill. It can be learned. While some people may have more natural speaking ability than others, or a more pleasing voice, or are more charismaticanyone who can speak can learn to be a better public speaker than they are right now. It just takes some know-how and some effort.

To help you become better at public speaking, we’ll take a look at these four areas:

  1. Writing the speech
  2. Overcoming a fear of speaking
  3. Practicing the speech
  4. Giving the speech

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Author(s): Mounir Boutaib


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