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Professional Chess Training from Scratch to Expertise! | Chess

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Chess lessons from scratch! | Chess expert


What you’ll learn

  • You will learn the movement and functions of chess pieces and examine dozens of games!
  • You will learn the purpose, rules, notation writing and Tournament standards of the chess game!
  • Chess Classic and Modern Opening strategies; You’ll see mid-game and game breaks and much more!
  • You will recognize chess teams, tournament times, physical chess equipment!
  • You will understand the logic of coordinated execution of stones!
  • You will recognize many different kinds of chess computer programs!
  • You will get to know the popular and active social media and chess platforms!
  • You will learn the world chess champions as a general culture!
  • You will watch the games where I beat up the chess program until the power of 1546 ELO!
  • You will see the pedagogical approach to the game of chess and the contribution of the game of chess to you!
  • You will be able to contact the trainer directly and direct your chess questions!


  • You don’t need to know chess.
  • To be able to play chess, you must be 6 years or older pedagogically.
  • If you buy any type of chess team, you will have the pleasure of playing chess face-to-face with your friends.
  • You can also use online platforms to play chess.

23 years chess playing, Turkey Chess Federation (TCF) licensed a chess player. I have created a series that everyone who is curious about this sport, who wants to learn and who wants to improve himself can watch with pleasure. I explained the rules of chess, tournament rules, I  played a lot of games with a great program like Shredder Classic 5 , I showed the openings and end-of-play mats. I have shared critical thinking and various strategies for chess. I introduced the world’s greatest chess masters, lichessI transferred various games I played on the online platform. I introduced you to alternative chess programs. Chess clock, chess manners, chess-related topics that enter the general culture with you in a fun way I shared with you. Chess keeps the brain dynamic, chess is a mental sport .

Who is this course for:
  • Anyone who wants to learn chess from scratch
  • Players under 1600 ELO who want to improve the quality of chess
  • Players interested in chess and want to learn chess standards
  • Chess lovers who want to add new horizons and vision to them
  • Chess lovers who want to improve their general culture about chess


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