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PowerPoint 2020

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Everything explained


What you’ll learn

📚 You will be explained the entire basic knowledge of PowerPoint in practice

💻 You will create your own excellent and professional PowerPoint presentations

⏱‍️ You benefit from fast support for questions or anything else

🌐 You can apply your knowledge in many places and you will stand out from others


Ken Olson said in 1977: “There is no reason why anyone would want a computer in their home.”




Welcome to the comprehensive course ” PowerPoint – Everything explained ” on Udemy.


In this course I will teach you all about the PowerPoint program . I will introduce you to each function and show you in practice how to use it.


After working through all of the basic knowledge lessons , you will be ready to work professionally with PowerPoint. At the end of this course I will explain in more detail how you can create an excellent and professional PowerPoint presentation.


After this course you will have the basic knowledge for my other following courses, such as creating games in PowerPoint.


Do you have a question or are you stuck? Then rely on fast support !


So don’t hesitate and strike!






– Short and flush , but comprehensive and informative


– The shorter lessons, the better concentration


– By short lessons the best learning effect achieved




– The most important things summarized


– All-in-one : complete basic knowledge


– All functions explained


– German names mentioned




– Individual topics available


– The course is clearly structured by topic


– The logically building sections or lessons




– Understand IT terms


– Share your knowledge with friends


– Basic knowledge for presentations acquire






– Extensive lessons


– Numerous quizzes


– Powerpoint presentation for download


– And much more…


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