Powerful Web Scraping/Crawling||Scrapy and BS4||Hindi|Urdu||

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One and Only Course in Web Scraping and Web Crawling Using Scrapy and Beautiful Soup ||Hindi|Urdu||


What you’ll learn

  • Web Scraping using Scrapy Frame work
  • Building a Spiders or Web Crawlers
  • Writing and Execute Web Scraping Script
  • Source Code for all Spiders or web crawlers
  • Exporting data extracted by Scrapy into Excel or CSV files
  • Fine tuning Your Spiders using Scraping Build in Settings


  • No Programming Required, Python Refresher is Provided with this course.
  • A laptop with Internet Connection
  • Attitude to Learn Web Scraping


I will share my experience , how did i came up to develop this course.When i started out, My problem was not that i don’t know that what i want to learn but my problem was following.

1- Which tools are the best

2- Which techniques are the Best

3- Will this Course Make me find my way or Make me more Confuse because there is too much Information out there.

4- Then i found The course but that was in English. and All above went into the Drain.

But Don’t worry, amigo, Very First time you are going to get all your needs satisfied, plus in your mother tongue. Its so easy to grab concepts in your mother tongue, that programming language seems natural and learning comes easy.

Above all, I have distilled my six years of University Teaching Experience in this course to make it One of the Best Course you will ever take.

In this Course, We will start from Zero. This Course is divided into three sections

1- Python Refresher

Here You will learn all the Python Concepts needed to get started with Web Scraping Frame Work

2- Beautiful Soup BS4

In this Section, You will do your First Project of Scraping a real website, using BS4, One the most Famous Web-scraping Python Library

3- Scrapy

In this Section, You will learn Scrapy, An Asynchronous Web Scraping Framer Work Build on Twisted. You will build a Scrapy Spider, and Learn how to use Scrapy Shell.

  • ‘Great Teacher So Far    (5 Stars)’           Saqib Munir

Last but not the least if you have any Question don’t hesitate to ask question.

Good luck and Enjoy.

Who this course is for:

  • Python Programmers
  • Web Developers
  • Data-mining or Machine Learning Students
  • Students who want to built web Crawlers.
  • Students who want to extract data from web sites efficiently


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