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Modern JavaScript For Developers

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Complete Guide for Learning Modern JavaScript Development


About this Course

JavaScript is the worlds most popular programming language and it is important to learn it the right way. We have created a perfect course which will help you learn this amazing technology in a novel way. Our team of industry professionals have crafted a syllabus which will take you on this amazing journey and by the end of it you will be a complete JavaScript professional.


Why this course is important?


This JavaScript online tutorial explains all the topics required for a better understanding of JavaScript. Initially, it gives you the basic introduction then explains the variables, scope and constructs. Furthermore, this JavaScript guide gives you insights into Node.js, transpiling for ES6, introduction to ES6 and promises. It also tells you about Array functions and advanced ES6 like object.assign, destructuring functions and arrays, classes and many more topics.


This course includes-


Introduction to JavaScript

JavaScript History

Running JavaScript in the Browser

JavaScript Basics such as Variables, Scope, Constructs for Loops, Tying HTML and CSS in with JavaScript

JavaScript Outside the Browser

Transpiling for ES6

Introduction to ES6 Variables, Strings and Functions

Promises and Array Functions

Take this course now to understand and master JavaScript for modern web development.




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JavaScript Basics





Learn the fundamentals of Modern JavaScript

Learn to use modern JavaScript in any of the JS frameworks

Learn how modern JS can be used to build scalable applications



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