Learn Kotlin From Scratch – Basic Module

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Using the kotlin languageFor beginners and developers who want to learn this language and future Android devs.


What you’ll learn

  • Create small programs using the Kotlin language
  • Develop small programs using the Kotlin language
  • Know the basics of kotlin
  • Be prepared to learn kotlin for android development


  • Computer
  • Prior Knowledge of Java (optional)


By the end of this course you will be able to  understand  and  apply  the  fundamentals of programming , namely: 

Pyrmititive Types,

All this using the fantastic Kotlin language .

I have classified this course as “all levels” because we will  start from the beginning  of variables, and then we will go  deeper , as I explained.

Remembering that this module is the basics of the language, soon the advanced module will come out that we will talk about POO (object oriented programming), Lambdas expressions and much more, So do not miss the next module.

Who is the target audience?

  • Computer course students;
  • Future Android Developers;
  • Beginner and trainee professionals who need to learn or revise programming.
Who is this course for:
  • Interested in learning kotlin
  • Who wants to learn to program

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