Introduction To The World Of Cisco For Complete Beginners

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Learning a Cisco certification can boost your IT career. Learn how to start and if it is worth it.



What you’ll learn

  • Identify Cisco certification
  • Identify Cisco devices (e.g. firewalls)
  • Understand ethernet cables
  • Be more prepared for CCENT or CCNA training


  • Interest in Cisco networking
  • General IT skills


Cisco devices are the one of the most widely used networking equipment in the world today. Learn why it is like that and if certificates are worth getting.

You feel you need to refresh some topics before joining full CCNA training? Or maybe you just wanna spend 60 minutes and learn the fundamentals of Cisco devices? You are in the right place!

    • Overview of Cisco solutions
    • Introduction to Cisco routers and switches
    • Cisco firewalls
    • What is an RJ45 cable?
    • Simple network diagram
    • Is it worth taking CCNA if you do not work with Cisco?
    • A quiz to help you decide if you are ready for full CCNA training

Introduction to Cisco for complete beginners!

Contents and Overview

There are four sections with more that 60 minutes od HD videos. We start by talking about Cisco solutions and certificates. Then I show you how you can work with routers, switches and firewalls. There is a video dedicated to cabling – you will see the most popular cables, including fiber optic cables.

Start your Cisco journey today! Join now!

Author(s): Marious Kuriata


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