Identity And Access Management Using Oracle Identity Manager

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(Simplifying the things)




What you’ll learn

  • About Identity and Access Management
  • About Various Terminology Used in IAM
  • About Oracle Identity Manager
  • About Provisioning and Reconciliation
  • About Various Targets
  • Various Source System
  • Identity Governance
  • Identity Management
  • Identity Federation



This Course is a Just a beginning of Identity and Access Management for you.You will learn a lot on this course as a Beginner.This Course is a Foundation for the People who are new to Identity and Access Management or in Oracle Identity Manager.

I had tried to explain each and every concept slowly and deeply.I am sure you will definitely going to enjoy the session and make the notes of required point and it will help you to crack any interview and allow you to perform well in your organization.The best part of the course is you can reach me out any time with any sort of doubt and i will clear it from my end and you will get a proper solution.

So it will a 2 way interaction between you and me and this way this course will be more than a self paced course.

So meet you in classroom.

Author(s): Shubhasish Kumar Raut


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