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How To Find The One 4-Steps To Select The Right Relationship

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How Women Can Save Their Heart And Time By Only Choosing The Right Relationship And Avoid Picking The Wrong One


What you’ll learn

  • You will IDENTIFY your own standards and must-haves in life.
  • You will IDENTIFY what do you WANT AND NEED in a relationship to be happy and fulfilled.
  • You will IDENTIFY what are the most important PERSONALITY TRAITS to search in a romantic partner.
  • You will be able to FILTER men and AVOID enter the wrong relationship before you get emotionally involved.


  • Desire to find the love of your life.
  • Be open to explore new ways to have a better relationship with yourself and others.


Want to identify who is your right match?

Want to avoid investing your heart and time in the wrong relationships?

Do you need expert advice?

Enroll in this course and I will answer your questions about HOW TO FIND THE ONE! You can post your questions publicly or simply send me a message through Udemy. Yes, it’s private 🙂

Its usually after a relationship has come to an end that people realize that they had entered for the wrong reasons or because they didnt know what they wanted from the beginning or because they didnt take the time to get to know the person well before getting emotionally involved. To avoid that your next relationship is the wrong one or that collapses, I will help you to get clear in what you should be looking for in a man so you can finally have the loving and fulfilling relationship you desire.


With this course, you will be prepared to know what are you looking for, how to recognize if the man you meet has what you want and need to build the loving and fulfilling relationship you wish and you deserve.


You will have the tools to recognize if hes the ONE, and at the same time, you will be able to filter from the ones that are not eligible. This course will help you to protect your heart and save you time when looking for the love of your life.

This is one of those courses I wish it would have existed 20 years ago to help me avoid all those wrong relationships and now is here to help you find your dream relationship.

It’s with great passion and conviction that I help each one of my clients and you’re not different. Enroll in this course and if you have a question regarding How To Find The One? just contact me here on Udemy and I will be happy to help you!

Your Relationship Expert

Iliana Sanchez

Author of “The Empowered Woman’s Guide To Dating”

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