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Full Course Web Server Manager with Linux

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Manage your own Web server with Linux

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What you’ll learn
  • IMPORTANT: You must take the Basic Linux Course before taking this course
  • Configure and create your own hosting with Linux
  • Install Linux Debian for servers
  • Networks with Linux
  • Install and manage your own wordpress server
  • Modify wordpress templates from the Linux console like professionals
  • Create content and adjust wordpress at your convenience
  • Manage and monitor your own WordPress server
  • Work with basic commands from the Linux console
  • Manage a server with apache server
  • You will learn about basic database administration with MYSQL
  • Important. I recommend you take the Basic Linux Course before taking this course!
  • You must be well informed before making the operating system change
  • When you started using Windows or Mac, did you install the system, drivers, essential programs and set it up for you? Probably not! Then you must be patient.
  • In Linux, things are done differently than in Windows and mac, you must learn the new way.
  • You may also have problems with Linux Servers. We must be clear on this and it is good to know yet I will help you to solve them
  • Don’t be impatient and don’t let the system hit you. The important thing is to feel that you are learning and have an open mind because it is a long way and I want to be with you on that path.
  • Linux is an operating system used on servers and by specialists! Surely you want to be one of them someday.

Linux is the fastest growing operating system in the world and more and more people like you want to learn from it and more if it is in a very short time.

Let’s be honest; Technical books are boring, and many times you can take hours searching the internet for what really interests you about Linux. Sure, you could learn how to work with Linux from some long-term encyclopedia, but why waste all that time and effort?

The Udemy video content delivery system will allow you to operate your own Linux Operating System in just hours!

If you want to increase your IT skills, this course is a great place to start. More and more companies around the world are using Linux in their daily operations. Therefore, you cannot afford to be left behind!

All course updates are 100% FREE. Enroll in this course once and you will have it for a lifetime. Not only that, but you will also get lifetime access for me as your personal instructor. Do you have any questions about Linux? Just ask! You, as my student, will always be my # 1 priority.

Wait, are you still reading this? So this course is for you who want to start learning about Linux and its benefits today. 

I wait for you!


Who this course is for:
  • Students and professionals who wish to learn about the administration of their website
  • Everyone interested in learning to manage their own wordpress server
  • Interested in creating templates and wordpress plugins working from a local server
  • People interested in learning about networks with Linux
  • IT teachers


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