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From Zero To Design Hero

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Vector Design for absolute beginners using Inkscape



What you’ll learn

  • A clear understanding of the most common graphic design tools in inkscape
  • You will be given an overview of design fundamentals and colour theory
  • You will be given real illustrations examples
  • Skills and confidence to create illustrations that could use for websites, mobiles application, t-shirts, etc


  • Be able to install programs in your computer
  • Desire to start designing and creating your own illustrations.


Welcome to my inkscape tutorial!

Are you a creative person?

Would you like to be able to create digital designs?

Are you creating your website, blog , or presentations and would like to create nice illustrations to support your material?

If you answered yes to any of those questions this course is for you. This course is for any absolute design beginners interested in creating their own design using vector art. In this course you will learn all fundamental tools and concepts that you need to start creating illustration. Although it is not a complete course where you learn every possible form of design, it will give you a very solid base to start, and gain the confidence and excitement to move to more advanced concepts.

The reason I created this course is that when I start learning design, I felt it was a really wide topic. Most of the tutorials I found will teach you so much theory and all possible tools in different applications so there is so much to learn that it is easy to get discouraged. After 4 years going from one tutorial to another, I realized just using the basic tools, you can actually achieve really nice results, so why not teaching that first?

What will you learn?

  • Install inkscape(free)
  • Create regular and custom shapes
  • Organize your illustration in layers
  • Overview of design principles and color theory
  • Practice: Create simple illustrations
  • Using bezier curves and pencil tool
  • Using gradients and filters
  • Practice: Create two illustrations from zero
  • How to sell your illustrations

Why is this course different?

  • Relevant: I will teach what you need to get started really quickly
  • Practical: Examples to gain confidence
  • Monetize: I will show you how you can sell your illustrations

I hope you are excited about starting your Vector Design journey with Inkscape, and I am looking forward to seeing you in the course!

Author(s): Marta Rey


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