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Learn the 3 C’s, INVEST and User Story splitting. With 2 example projects!



What you’ll learn

  • Learn what a User Story is
  • Why we use User Stories
  • User Stories vs. Requirement Specification
  • Split User Stories
  • Kanban board flow with User Stories
  • User Story Splitting
  • Lean Startup Introduction
  • Estimating User Stories with User Story Point



Hello and welcome to the User Stories course!

In this course you will learn in a relaxed and fun manner how to write basic user stories, what the 3 C’s in User Stories are. You’ll learn about INVEST and User Story splitting.

You’re also going to learn how User Story splitting ties in with the Lean Startup Methodology and how to launch new projects as soon as possible with User Story Splitting!

I hope you will enjoy my course, and if you’re looking for any explanations feel free to message me any time!

Author(s): Stefan Hyltoft


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