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Trading the Stock Markets! Learn how to read the charts the EASY way Today!



What you’ll learn

  • Understand & Recognize the types of candlesticks
  • Read basic candlestick charts
  • Find Support & Resistance levels
  • Understand basic market trends & create trend lines
  • Understand how to avoid making big mistakes by entering a trade at undesirable price levels


  • Should be able to use a PC or Mac
  • Should have a reliable & fast internet connection
  • Should be able to use a computer at a basic level


Hi, I am Shakir andI have been trading the financial markets for the past 15 years. I must admit Ifound it challenging at first!Over these years I have studied the markets from a variety of sources… I have trained underexpert traders, picked up tradingskillsfrom a vast library ofbooks, analysed almost every kind of patternthat exists, and have settled down with a firm & calmunderstanding of how to trade. It hasnow come to be more of a passion to me.

Iwant to reach out and explain my ideas and concepts to help make everyone understand that trading does not have to be complicated & stressful. It can beeasy & fun! So join meon my journey and let us explorethe world of trading together!

This is a beginnerlevel stock market trading course that uses Technical Analysis to predict the upcomingmovement of prices. History repeats itself so therefore we must dive into the past by studying theTechnical charts inorder to predict the future. This course lays down yourfoundations in technical analysis andit helps you growby providing you with the tools to practice your new skills.

The “Trading Master 101 – Introduction To Technical Analysis” covers:

  1. How toRead& UnderstandIndividualJapanese Candlesticks
  2. Create & ModifyCandlesticks
  3. How toRead& UnderstandCandlestick Charts
  4. Identify Important Candlesticks and associate their effect of price movements
  5. Use Support & Resistance Points to optimize entry & exit levels
  6. Use Trend Linesto maximize potentialprofits
  7. CombiningSupport & Resistance with Trend Lines to read the charts in a new and excitingway!

Learning from an expert reduces your learning curve drastically which will save you a lot of time and effort. This course filters out the noise and clutter and gives you the most important tools you need to succeed in the market place.

Quizzes will help you rememberyour newly acquired knowledge, whereas direct contact with the instructor will help you perfect your market entry & exittechnique.

Author(s): Shakir Elahi


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