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Making 3D digital models from photos



What you’ll learn

  • How to photograph objects systematically
  • Create detailed and accurate models of real world objects by using free photogrammetry tool
  • Save time and effort by this new way of creating 3D-models
  • Generate high resolution textures for your model
  • Share and sell your 3D model on any online store or repository
  • View 3D model in Augmented Reality (AR) / Virtual Reality (VR)


  • You should have interest in making 3D model. This course shows you a workflow on how to digitise any objects/artefacts into 3D model.
  • You will need to install free software Regars3D, MeshLab and Blender.
  • An user account in Sketchfab.
  • High-end mobile phone camera or better is recommended. A digital camera which produces sharp images will work better, but not necessary for this course.
  • A fairly capable computer running Windows or MacOS.
  • Knowledge of 3D modelling is a plus.


Photogrammetry, or Structure-from-Motion, is a technique for constructing 3D digital models from a series of #photographs. 3D models generated from this modelling technique later can be used for research, share online, digital archive, assets for 3D games, and for visualisation in Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality (AR/VR) applications.

This course is designed for beginner to intermediate user, to show the process of creation highly detailed and accurate 3D models with texture by means of Photogrammetry. With the right workflow this method can save a large amount of time in 3D modelling with compare to manual modelling and texturing.

After completing this course the participant will be able to create 3D models with texture of your own by using free and open source software (Regard3D and Meshlab). The same basic principals or workflow can also be applied to other photography based #photogrammetry software (such as Agisoft PhotoScan) as well. Participant will be able to share their 3D contents in any social platform, and can also trade in various online 3D store. All resources, photographs and 3D models used/produced by this course are shared under the exercise folder. Step-by-step tutorial has been provided as a pdf file. At the end, this course also provides tips on best practise of your 3D model for AR/VR experience, optimisation of polygons and export in various extensions.

Bonus tutorial includes – #mesh optimisation, #texture development and export in various file formats, & import the 3D to #Unity3D as #game assets.

Author(s): Hafizur Rahaman


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