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Practical Problem Solving Approach. Learn Programming by Examples and Practical Assignments with C# and Visual Studio



What you’ll learn

  • coding
  • programming
  • C# language
  • Visual Studio
  • computer programming
  • variables
  • expressions
  • conditional statements
  • loops
  • console input / output
  • methods


  • This training is for absolute beginners
  • English language and computer literacy are highly recommended


The “Comprehensive Introduction to Programming with C#” free training course teaches basic coding skills for absolute beginners in a problem-solving approach, with a lot of practice. The training consists of free video lessons, free e-book and free online judge system, which guide the attendees from zero to basic coding skills with a lot of practical exercises. The training covers:

    • Understanding the basics concept of programming
    • Working with the Visual Studio IDE
    • Using the C#language to write simple programs
    • Using variables, data and calculations
    • Reading and writing data to the console
    • Using conditional statements (if-else and switch-case)


    • Using loops to repeat code logic (for loop, while loop, do-while loop)
    • Practical problem solving with automated online judge system
    • Designing simple algorithms (during the problem solving)

This practical free programming basics training is attended already by 80,000+ students at the Software University (SoftUni), online and onsite in 30+ locations. Thousands of graduates already work as software engineers in the industry.

This training is the first important step in learning computer programming and software development. The training develops solid practical problem solving skills that are truly valuable for any software engineer.

Author(s): Svetlin Nakov, Preslav Mihaylov



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