Free Udemy Coupon: Free Graphic Design Tutorial

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Web Design, Digital Image Editing, Film & Audio Techniques – Easy and fast


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What you’ll learn

  • Web Design
  • Simple Graphic Design
  • Filming / Audio Techniques and gear


  • Any person can watch this course


If you need to develop your company image, or website, or to make small videos, you can DIY – do it yourself.

Learning technology doesnt need to be complicated.

Three things that you can do easily and with professional quality:

– Filming & audio

– Graphic Design

– Web Design

Many of these software options are inexpensive or Free; for example:

. Movie Maker (Free video editor)

. A Free and user friendly image editing software

. Wix (the basic website account is completelly Free)

This course is divided this way:


. Audio options and gear

. Video setup and video gadgets

. Editing movies on Movie Maker

. Some filming tricks

. Lighting


. Installing and Using the Freeware

. Layers, tools, panels, text menus

. Tips and tricks

. Resizing anf flipping images

. Characteristics


. Advantages and downsides of Wix system

. Other options out there

. Administration tools

. Site manager

. Editing the menu, photos, text

. Installing a site store

. Wix Apps

. Checking pagespeed

. Wix SEO Wiz and visitor analytics App

. Blog

Make your own future!

Author(s): Francisco Capelo


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