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From Art History to Simple Techniques and Brand Marketing



What you’ll learn

  • Visual arts main questions
  • Visual artists practical knowledge
  • Marketing options
  • Creative main focus
  • Artist characteristics
  • Art history and art movements
  • Learn from essential arists quotes


  • Just to love art – as a maker or as a viewer


Francisco Capelo is a portuguese visual artist since 1992 and art teacher in his Cascais art studio. His main focus is abstract expressionism, surrealism and modern/ contemporary art techniques.

In this course you will learn all the aspects of being a visual artist: from art history to painting techniques, time balance and marketing options.

These are invaluable insights based on more than 25 years of experience, that will help you achieve your own personal art style.

. Course structure – This art course is divided into five parts:

1. Become a visual artist

. Mentors, communities, artist mentality

. Artistic choices and personal style

. Essential art movements and artworks

. Out of the box ideas and Conceptual art

. Marketing plan – online and offline

. What is success for you?

2. Modern art history:

. Art history since pre historical times

. Drawing, painting, sculpture

. Abstract art

. Cubism

. Surrealism

. Expressionism

. Revolutionary artists

3. Simple materials, great art:

. Pencils, color pen, oil pastel, gouache, acrylics, mixed media, raw materials

. Great painters that were not so good draftsmen

4. Creative drawings:

. Black and white – a radical visual design

. Abstract Symbols

. Human figures

. Perspective lines

. Pen or pencil?

5. Illustration – handmade and digital

. Selecting the right images

. Working them on digital image software

. Transparent paper and light table

. Again digital software

. Prepare to print: Word – PDF

Author(s): Francisco Capelo


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