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From Raw Data to Production



What you’ll learn

  • Creating Bar Chart Animation in Flourish
  • Recording Animation in FlashBack Express
  • Editing Animation in YouTube Studio
  • Recording and Editing Animation on Camtasia
  • Finding Datasets
  • Preparing Dataset for Flourish
  • Optimization Tags on YouTube by TubeBuddy Extension


  • A computerany will do!
  • We don’t need any tools to start with, and when we do we’ll guide you through everything you need
  • Planning to earn money on YouTube
  • A willingness to learn and enjoy doing so There are no other requirements! Give it a go!


If you want to learn how to create bar chart animation then this course is for you. Animated bar charts go viral on social media over the last several months. Essentially, this new style of graph is called bar chart race. People start to create those animations and upload them to their social media accounts (such as YouTube, Twitter) to inform people or to earn money.

Although it seems easy to create bar chart animation using templates in Flourish (visualization web app), it needs requiring several skills to get it ready for production. In this course I will make you gain necesary skills from raw data to production.

In this course, you will:

  • Find a popular topic and its dataset
  • Prepare the dataset for Flourish
  • Create bar chart race using Flourish
  • Record and edit the animation
  • Upload the animation to YouTube and Optimize Tags List
  • And more!

Author(s): Krat Yaln


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