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Express New Sat 1300+ Preparation Formula

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Master your Evidence based Reading and Writing and Math Sections!



What you’ll learn

  • Confidently take the SAT
  • Learn the structure and improve your SAT score
  • Understand the type of questions on the SAT Evidence Based Writing and Reading Section
  • Understand the type of questions on the SAT Math Section


  • No experience required
  • Calculator
  • Pen and paper


Every year millions of people take theSAT examfor admissions to colleges and universities worldwide. This exam has become a key mechanism in determining who goes to what colleges and universities. So, take the SAT seriously.

TheSAT examhas a particular style of asking questions that you’ll want to become closely familiar with. Thus, each section has its own distinct set of question types and formats that you will face on test day.

The test is divided into:

    • Evidence-based Reading and Writing section (EBRW)
    • Math section (with or without calculator)
    • Optional Essay section

Evidence-based Reading and Writingrefers to the Reading section and Writing and Language section together. You’ll get one EBRW score between 200 and 800 that makes up half of your total SAT score.

Both of these sections require their own approach to prep. Reading asks about reading comprehension, while Writing asks you to be an editor and fix mistakes in grammar, organization, and punctuation.

Theyre all passage-based and emphasise command of evidence, an understanding of words in context, the ability to interpret data, and, of course, your overall English language skills.In this course, you will learn how to master Writing & Language section of the SAT as well as the Reading part.You will learn how to connect the passage, questions, and answers in order to pick the right answer every time.

The Math Sectionfocus on algebra, solving equations, and data interpretation from tables and graphs. The SAT math section at first might seem daunting, however, it is very learnable. In this course you will find a thorough analysis of SAT math and where we introduce numerous analytic techniques that will help you immensely, not only on the SAT but in college as well.

All you need to complete this course is a determination to succeed and a simulation of each section.This course will provide you with practice modules that offer very exam-like questions, including detailed explanations for all the answers

So, whether youre new to the SAT or have done it before, we hope youll find this course helpful with smart strategies to prepare for your exam!

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