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Excellent customer service – delight your customers!

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Ensuring customer satisfaction, managing complaints professionally, implementing a service strategy, ICARE model

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What you’ll learn

You will understand what customer service means.

You will know the importance of customer enthusiasm for customer service.

You will be able to deal with complaints properly and manage them professionally.

You empower your employees to provide excellent customer service that stands out from the competition.

You will know how to ensure customer satisfaction.

You will learn about customer service strategies for face-to-face and online applications.

You will be able to implement strategies that ensure high quality of your customer service.


Good service is not something you cannot learn. You can work towards excellent customer service by following a few basic rules. Dr. Mario Bosslau shows you how you can optimize customer service in the context of customer relationship management so that customers and service employees happily diverge. Even if a service could not be performed.


At the beginning you will learn what is meant by customer service . You will understand why customer satisfaction or even customer enthusiasm play a central role. You will also see why it is important to deal with complaints professionally. You will learn how to optimally implement your service strategy . Whether classic face-to-face or in the online area . You will also be shown how you can use the ICARE model to achieve excellent customer service.


This course also includes some practical customer service examples . In this way you will learn the most important basics for excellent customer service. Each section has a series of quizzes to control your knowledge. There is also a clear documentation for the most important lessons as PDF for download. The management summary summarizes the essential aspects of the course.


This compact course is designed so that you can record concise and well-founded information in a short time. It allows you to grasp the essentials of customer service in just under 2 hours . This course is suitable for a practice-oriented introduction to the topic and is primarily aimed at practitioners.


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