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European Yoga Practice For Health And Fitness

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Demonstration of the Yoga Series Using Water, Earth, Fire’ Air and Love



Demonstration of the Yoga Series Using Water, Earth, Fire’ Air and Love

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What you’ll learn

  • Students will be able to put together 60 to 90 minute Yoga practices that will balance the 5 Elements of Water, Earth, Air, Fire and Spirit
  • Balance the 5 Elements in their bodies


  • Beginner knowledge of Yoga
  • Moderate level of fitness
  • Desire to work and practice their routines


Marin G Vayu shares theYogaposes incorporating Air, Earth, Water, Fire and Love. In this course, you will be able to follow along and do the Yoga along with Marin Vayu andNatali Podner.

Human being has five levels. Many neglected some of the levels because they “fed” only one Element that made them the stronger or the one that dominates the character. The key to “work” on ourselves is to balance all 5 aspects thru specific Yogic postures and poses.

Marin teaches you which poses are related to which Aspect, so you can easily put together sessions that balance all five.

The Philosophy and origin of theElements teaching are given in another course which is being produced and will be available soon.

Author(s): Scott Paton, Marin Vayu, Scott Alex


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