Do you have what it takes to be a cloud professional?

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Things you will actually need on a job after certification gets your foot through the door.


What you’ll learn

If you want to stay ahead of the curve, being a multi-cloud engineer is soon going to become a necessity.

Get a quick start on 6 essential skills, this is not a mastery course, just a place to start if you dont know anything about them.

Skill 1 – “Linux OS and Bash Shell” Everything runs on it

Skill 2 – “Git” You cannot be a software professional without knowing version control

Skill 3 – “Amazon Web Services” The obvious leader in everything cloud

Skill4 – “Google Cloud Services” Up and coming, Kubernetes and Big Data is their winning card.

Skill 5 – “Azure” Microsoft is the second biggest cloud provider after AWS

Skill 6 – “Terraform” A Cloud Engineer who cant automate… well enough said. This is an open source tool that works with 200+ providers and its market leader in cloud automation.


I didn’t realize this until I looked into the profiles of people leaving negative feedback on my FREE trainings. But this course is more of me stating expectations to my new hires. I would typically cover in 2 days when any experienced or inexperienced cloud engineer would join my team. Rest assured you master these skills and add the 7th skill of “Containers”, nothing can stop you from being successful in your new career. This precise training has gotten an auto mechanic earning 80000$ a year, and a few others who wanted to get out of the rut and climb the ladder.

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