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Design of Solar PV Systems

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This course is your introduction to understand how to design solar PV systems.

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What you’ll learn
PV System Components
Solar Radiation Data Sources
Performance of PV Panels
Design Steps
Case Study to Design a Grid-Connected Solar PV System
Inverters Types
Mounitng Structure Types
Calculation of Array Voltage and Current
Conductors Sizing
Basic knowledge of Solar PV Systems will be enough to understand the course content
This course explains the basic system components and its functions, structure and performance under different operating conditions. As the solar radiation are every imprtant for the estimation of amount of energy generated from the solar PV system, a sperate part of the course is dedicated to talking about solar radiation and it’s data sources. In addition, a case study to design a grid connected solar PV system using PVSYST software is implemented. Moreover, questions and assignments which help to get the most out of this course are included for most lectures.

Who this course is for:
Brginners in Solar PV system Design


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