Create Your Blog Website with PHP (Bootstrap, Phpmyadmin)

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Create your own blog as soon as possible without any expense, and gain new programming skills.


What you’ll learn

  • From 0 to bootstrap, collect the most attractive sites as soon as possible
  • Ability to work with PHP back-end and create a database
  • Adhere to the logic and requirements of the blog site
  • Basic HTML and CSS knowledge
  • Enthusiasm and commitment to Web Programming

With this course you will gain PHP skills and gain first-hand experience of using Bootstrap. You will also have a blog website at the end of this course. You can earn money by using that site.

  1. We will work with PHP in the database
  2. We’ll create an Admin Panel and learn how to make it easy
  3. We will design the page using Bootstrap components
  4. We’ll make some transactions in the database

Good luck and enjoy!

You can get not only PHP skills but also fundamental usage of BootStrap.Additionally, you will own your blog website without any expense. Also you can earn a living by managing that website

  1. We will be working on a database with PHP
  2. We will create Admin Panel and learn how to simplify operations
  3. We will use Bootstrap components to design page
  4. We will execute SQL queries to create database

Have a good watch! Good Luck!

Who this course is for:
  • Not only those who want to learn Web programming, but also those who want to create and use a blog can learn and create a blog.
  • This course is intended not only for the webmaster audience but also for those who are interested in blog management


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