Course iOS and 11 Swift 4: Learn to make a Notepad

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In this course you will learn the basic and advanced concepts that will allow you to program Apps from day one


What you’ll learn

  • Development of a fully functional application (ready for the App Store)
  • Management of xCode, Swift 4 and iOS 11
  • Responsive Apps (Auto Layout)
  • Data Persistence (with NSCoding and User Defaults)
  • TableView implementation (methods and delegates)
  • Visualization of web pages in our app (UIWebView)
  • You do not need previous knowledge

In this course you will acquire the necessary knowledge to develop any application for any Apple device, in a practical way, since you will be able to program applications from simple to advanced from the first day of study.

In this course you will create fully functional and complete applications for any Apple device. We will use the Swift programming language in its latest version, the Swift 4 version, (you will not have code obsolescence problems)

Among other things, you will learn: 

– The fundamental elements of the programming language Swift 4, in the latest version.

– The methodology to face and organize a project from 0.

– The concept and operation of the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) necessary for the creation of applications in iOs: xCode

– To make responsive applications, that is, visually they look good on any Apple device (Auto Layout)

– To achieve the persistence of the data, that is, that your notes are stored in the device’s memory through the use of NSCoder, NSUserDefaults and Core Data (one of the most complicated issues in application development). This will allow you to extrapolate this knowledge to another type of application and achieve data persistence. 

– Implementation of the most important and innovative graphic elements (TableView, Slider, Switch, PickerView, ImageView, Buttons, Labels, WebView, etc.)

– Inheritance of classes.

– Protocols, functions and methods.

– Connectivity 

Remember that any questions you have can be raised in the forum and by sending me a message, which I will answer shortly. You will have my advice on any problem that may arise in any lesson. 

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone interested in learning to develop applications for Apple devices


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