CodeIgniter 4 from zero to Expert. The best PHP framework

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CodeIgniter returns with a completely renewed version. Learn the best PHP framework while programming a blog!


What you’ll learn

  • Install and configure CodeIgniter
  • Use the most important functions of CodeIgniter
  • Import templates
  • Upload files
  • Move freely through CodeIgniter and program much faster
  • Database requests
  • Create a web application


  • PHP basic knowledge
  • Basic knowledge of SQL
  • Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS


I am currently doing tutorials on YouTube on a channel called “DAVIDNAVARRODEV” (youtube (dot) com / davidnavarrodev) and doing online courses at

In this course you will learn to use the CodeIgniter 4 framework from scratch. CodeIgniter is a very powerful MVC Model / Vista / Controller framework with which you will be able to do almost everything you set out in terms of development.

In this course you will learn on a practical basis, since we will create a Blog type web application from scratch once the most important aspects of CodeIgniter have been introduced.

Who this course is for:
  • People who are interested in learning how CodeIgniter works, a very powerful framework for web applications.
  • People who want to learn everything they need to make a Web application with CodeIgniter
  • People with some knowledge on the subject and who want to go a step further


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