Capybara: Automate testing for Ruby web applications

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Raise the browser and manipulate web elements simply, quickly and objectively


What you’ll learn

  • Automatically upload a browser
  • Automate Acceptance Testing
  • Know the advantages of Capybara
  • Create test scripts with Ruby



  • Ruby Basic
  • Operational systems
  • Manual Tests
  • Willpower


If you have never automated testing in your life, this course is for you .

Tired of running manual tests over and over to make sure your apps work as expected? Capybara is a framework tool written in Ruby that facilitates the simulation of how a user interacts with your application.

Get to know Capybara and create automated test scripts for any web application . Here you will learn acceptance test automation and take a step towards being a Ninja in Test Automation 🙂

Basic level 🙂

Who is this course for:
  • Test and Quality Analyst
  • Developers


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