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Building a computer

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The comprehensive beginner’s course


What you’ll learn

💻 You will learn the basics of computer hardware, including the function of all hardware parts, their function and connections

⏱‍️ You also benefit from fast support for your questions, suggestions or anything else

📚 As the lessons are very extensive, all multiple choices and tasks are made available

🌐 You will understand the interaction of the hardware and acquire basic knowledge for DIY or buying


Thomas Watson said in 1943: “I think there is a global market for maybe five computers.”


Computers are used almost everywhere. Since the first computer in 1941, the development has been growing at unpredictable speed. They are getting smaller and better. PCs, tablets, cell phones and smart watches are examples of this.




Wouldn’t it be a shame never to have known how these extremely complex systems work?




This course is all about building a computer . You will learn how the individual components are structured, what they contribute to and where they are connected. This course teaches you the basics of computer hardware . My goal was to make this course very short and yet comprehensive . In the end you will repeat the whole hardware parts and their connections again . After this course you will be able to talk extensively with your friends and other people about computer technology. You will also acquire extensive basic knowledge for the correct purchase or assembly of a computer. From now on you will also become IT terms, for example in the mass media. This makes the course suitable for everyone!






– Short and flush , but comprehensive and informative


– The shorter lessons, the better concentration


– By short lessons the best learning effect achieved




– The most important things summarized


– All-in-One : Complete hardware of the computer


– Hardware connections to the mainboard explained


– English and German names mentioned




– Individual topics available


– The course is clearly structured by topic


– The logically building sections or lessons




– Understand IT terms


– Share your knowledge with friends


– Basic knowledge of computer assembly and purchase appropriate






– Extensive lessons


– Numerous quizzes


– A lot of tasks


– Presentation text for download


– Powerpoint presentation for download


– And much more…


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