5 Smart-Habits To Build Your Inner Power

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Show Up Bold – Break Through Resistance & Build Resilience



What you’ll learn

  • Students will learn 5 smart-habits to manage resistance, build resilience and create a life of impact and freedom.
  • Smart habit 1: Always be growing
  • Smart habit 2: Build high performing energy
  • Smart habit 3: Prime a creative-feeling state
  • Smart habit 4: Return to grace
  • Smart habit 5: Gain momentum through silence


  • To maximise value from the course, it might help for students to allocate 15-20 minutes each day to go through the videos and complete the exercises in each module.
  • The course consists of 5 modules. Each module consists of 2 videos. In Video 1 we introduce you to the Smart-Habit and Action Steps. In Video 2 we take you through a MindSpa, a guided walk-through that allows you to dive deeper within and strengthen the habit.
  • A great way to go through the course is to go over one smart-habit at a time. Practice it for 2 days, understand the subtle nuances that go into perfecting it. Ask questions in the comments box. Then move onto the next habit. And repeat the same process until you have gone through all the 5 power-habits.
  • We are here to help you every step of the way. Do ask questions to clear doubts. We would love to hear your experience, insights and ‘what we can do better’ in the comment box below each module.


This course will support you to reclaim your inner power in real time, experience grace, and show up bold. People who might benefit from the course are business professionals, managers, entrepreneurs, artists, authors, educators, coaches, parents, healers, therapists, yoga practitioners. It is helpful for individuals who are going through a a rough period and are looking to get a grip on things, feel better about themselves and cultivate healthier mindsets. The 5 habits are simple to understand and follow. A MindSpa (a guided thought  walkthrough) at the end of each section is designed to help you shift mindset, making it easier for you to develop a new habit. I am here to support you along the way and to answer questions that may arise as you go through the course. I wish you inner power on your journey!

Author(s): Maya Sabina


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