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3D programming for Newbies using C ++ and OpenGL. Right from the start

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Practical, Simple and Direct Introduction to the Base after a Simulation, Video Game or 3D Animation. Beginner Level


What you’ll learn

You will take your first steps in programming, using C ++ and OpenGL simultaneously. Right from the start.

You will understand the construction, animation and basic 2D and 3D interaction, using programming.

Practical and simple examples with 2D and 3D graphics and animations, instead of console outputs.

With this course you will understand, step by step, with practical and simple examples, and in a basic way, how it is built, encouraged and interaction with a 3D structure, using programming.

Instead of learning programming with examples with text output by console, you will learn basic programming, programming directly with 3D graphics and animations.

You will take your first steps in programming with C ++.

You will take your first steps in programming 3D graphics with OpenGL.

You will directly learn the basics of programming graphics and 3D animations, without waiting to become an expert in programming first.

You will have a friendly introduction to the programming base behind Video Games and 3D Simulations.

If all this seems interesting to you … then see you in the first lesson.


Hello girls and boys of all ages !


Welcome to the course of 3D programming for Newbies using C ++ and OpenGL from scratch.


This course is a Practical First Step, For Beginners , Simple and Direct to the Base after 3D Video Games, 3D Simulations and 3D Animations , using C ++ and OpenGL From Zero .


Some points about this courses are:


It is a Practical First Step to programming languages, with C ++ .


It is a Practical First Step to 3D Programming , with OpenGL .


It is Simple and Direct , that is, without theoretical complications.


We start from Zero , that is, most likely you do not need previous knowledge in computer programming.


It is focusing Initial and direct to the base behind Video 3D , 3D simulations and 3D animations .


It is the result of my practical experience teaching From Zero 3D programming to Newbies or Beginners in Computer Programming .


I tell you that I once found myself studying a university career related to computer programming. I started studying with a lot of interest, but most courses were very theoretical, with little or no practical content.


It was not until 5th year when I was able to take a course related to computer graphics programming. A very theoretical course. In the middle of that course we just drew lines, points and 2D circles.


I think it was not necessary to wait so long for them to teach me how to draw something with programming and even less so theoretically. I think it could be done in a practical and direct way, from the beginning , and so it would have been more entertaining and stimulating . And then you could deepen the theoretical parts.


I believe that any enthusiast of any area of science or art could study the basis of 3D Programming in a practical , simple and direct way . And take advantage of understanding the base behind 3D Video Games and 3D Aminations .


All this can be the beginning of a very entertaining and interesting adventure .


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