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Gianluca Sidoti

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[100% Off] Time Management: Practical mini-course on time management Udemy Coupon

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My name is Gianluca Sidoti, I am an Investor, Author, Trainer, Entrepreneur and … student! I decided to carry out this course because I am tired of dealing with people who are perpetually late or unable to complete their homework.

While recording these lessons I was studying at one of the best universities in the world, in London, I managed a financial multinational company increasing its turnover by 200% in a year. Every day I receive hundreds of emails and messages from my readers and students, yet I always find time to study, take exams, work in the company and have fun with friends. Why can’t the others do it? What do they have more important than me to do?

Putting your life in order correctly is a bit like tying your shoes: by mistaking the order of actions, we risk first tying the strings and then wanting to put on the shoe.

Every morning we get up, go to the bathroom, wash, get dressed, have breakfast and go out to work or school; as for the morning, throughout the day, we perform actions in a more or less mechanical way, and unconsciously put our activities in order according to the priorities that we assign to you …

… all of this in theory: a thousand distractions make sure that we never get to the end of the day having finished everything we set for ourselves.

This simple but ingenious path will help you improve the relationship between leisure, work and personal commitments and your goals.

Thanks to yourself, by following this course, also available in audio format, you will learn:

♕ … what is Time Management, how it works and how it will make you more productive.

♕… what practical and simple tricks and methods to use to make your everyday life more organized and structured.

♕ … you will be able to set your priorities and carry out your tasks in time, only by following the useful tips of these pages step by step.

♕… that your motivation is already within you. And you will get your results without the stress of not being able to meet deadlines, of always having documents around and a full mailbox.

♕… the tricks to solve dependence on phone availability, e-mail and social networks.

♕… it will be immediate for you to improve time management with minimal effort and extraordinary results.

♕ … and much more!

Instructors: Gianluca Sidoti


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