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[100%Off] STOCKDETECTOR – Learn to invest in Udemy Coupon Shares

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Everything you need to know to earn on the stock market


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Gianluca Sidoti

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[100% Off] STOCKDETECTOR – Learn to invest in Udemy Coupon Shares

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Have you ever entrusted your savings to professional investors who promised you attractive profits and to grant them your trust and your money but in the end you were deeply disappointed? Or have you tried to make investments on your own but have gotten poor results because you didn’t have a simple and practical method?

When working with stocks and ETFs, the goal is to achieve long-term returns through a strategy that allows us to automate (or semi-automate) our choices and decisions, to optimize a constant and continuous result.

For this reason, we will focus on graphic and fundamental analysis in order to make the investor independent in the decision-making process that leads to the decision to invest in one security rather than another.

The goal will be to give everyone a clear idea of ​​the securities to invest in because ONLY in this way can we say that we are truly free in our choices.

Each lesson is also composed of videos and slides immediately available for download.

What is an action?

Straight to the point. An action is a percentage owned by a company. An action represents a right over a company’s assets and profits. If the company we hold shares in is healthy and growing then we will get a profit, if instead it is in crisis and is in debt we will get a loss. Together we will understand which one to choose to make a profit.

How do you choose which stocks to invest in?

I wrote a whole book about it, but in principle you just need to know the difference between the PRICE and the VALUE of an action. The price determines the supply and demand and is what we display on the stock lists (Piazza Affari, Wall Street etc …); Value is instead an indicator that determines how much a company is really worth, and is calculated following a precise procedure, which I will illustrate within this course.

The rest is very simple: if the Value exceeds the Price, you buy the share. If the Price exceeds the Value, sell the share. And be careful that the Price always tends to get closer to the real value of the security connected to it. It’s not difficult, is it ?!

Why is time your best ally?

Investing is not an art. Investing is a science. There is always a reason that explains the movements of the Market, Price and Value. If you have made the right calculations, it is only a matter of time for the price of a security to return to its real value.

That’s why long-term investors tend to enjoy life and their optimism makes them resistant investors. When it comes to money, people can make bad decisions. Well-performing investors manage to stay calm and relaxed even in stressful conditions. Good investors make decisions and avoid big losses because they don’t procrastinate or act impulsively.

But once you have identified an interesting investment opportunity, you are only halfway there. To be successful you need to understand how you can implement it quickly and profitably. If you are looking for low-risk operations, which require little of your time (15 minutes per week) and with a gain of 10-20% per annum, Stocks or ETFs can be a good solution for you. The first months will take a few more hours to acquire the basics, but already after 2-3 months, you will have everything you need to start managing your active or passive investments, depending on the time you decide to dedicate.

Whether you are a profitable trader or you have never purchased the title of a listed company, this course teaches you:

  • The fundamentals of the stock market, terminology and key players
  • What is the Fundamental Analysis and why it is important to understand the functioning of the Market
  • What is Technical Analysis and why it can improve your performance
  • Proper management of investments, capital and risk
  • Some operational strategies to be profitable immediately on the stock market

I am going to teach you a method of managing your savings through one of the most powerful financial instruments ever, which will allow you to earn mathematically, also learning to be aware of what the risks are and how to manage them, and I will reveal operational tips that make this process natural, easy, scalable and repeatable.

Instructors: Gianluca Sidoti


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