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[100%Off] SpreadDetector – The Course on Spread Trading in Commodity Udemy Coupon

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Invest in raw materials using seasonality



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Gianluca Sidoti

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[100% Off] SpreadDetector – The Course on Spread Trading in Commodity Udemy Coupon

Invest in commodities using a predictable trading system that is based on the analysis of seasonal price trends.

In this way it is possible to exchange the most common raw materials such as grains, meats, metals, oil …

Thanks to some tools that you will discover during the course, it will be possible to predict the future trend of a Spread, with an accuracy greater than 87%.

Why Spread Trading

During the SpreadDetector course, you will learn how the great professionals of New York, Chicago, Kansas City, headquarters of the largest commodity exchanges in the world, earn by simply exploiting information that you can find within platforms and systems unknown to the Italian market.

If you know the seasonal trend of the goods in advance, you can anticipate the price movement. And earn from trading, without stress.

This technique is called Spread Trading and allows you to take advantage of information on the difference in price between supply and demand. It is a way of trading widely used by American professionals, which has many advantages, but is still little known in Italy.

It is a system that allows you to reduce the investment risk by buying and selling two raw materials that have a similar price trend at the same time, or two futures on raw materials with different maturities.

How the course is structured

You will learn to exploit the trends of the raw materials market, starting from their historical series, to have an extremely advantageous percentage of positive trades.

You will not have to go crazy using complicated indicators or strategies: simply, you will analyze the markets as you never thought of doing before, with the strategies of the best traders around.



– Why invest in Commodities?

– The main characteristics of the Commodities

– Who negotiates in Commodities?

– The factors that influence commodities

– Financial instruments

– Where are the Commodities traded?


– Introduction

– Definition of Spread

– The correlation

– Advantages and disadvantages


– Introduction

– Contango and Backwardation

– Seasonality

– Correlation (practical examples)


– Joe Ross and RSI

– Follow the institutional ones


– Money Management

– Aversion to losses

– Position sizing

– Stop Loss and Take Profit

– Money Manager

– Experience

– Operating factors


– SeasonAlgo tutorial

– TWS tutorial on how to set up a Spread Trading

– From analysis to operations

– Conclusions (because a course on Commodities)


– Complete slides of the course

– Money Manager, to calculate profits and losses

– Entrance checklist

– Unit Move & Tick Move

– Spread Multileg Butterfly and Condor (advanced strategy)

– Basic Commodities Reports

– 10% SeasonAlgo discount

– SpreadDetector signals discounted by 50%

The method that you will discover in the SpreadDetector course will allow you to earn by exploiting to your advantage not only the simple market movements, but above all the consolidated and recurring seasonal trends. It is a real stress-free trading.

In addition, you can start operating using less capital than required by other markets.

Instructors: Gianluca Sidoti


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