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Using Social Media Groups & Online Forums To Advertise Your Courses



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Phillip Dillow

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[100% Off] Skillshare Course Marketing Udemy Coupon


As a Skillshare instructor you spend alot of time planning, creating, and marketing your courses. One of the must frustrating things is trying to find places to effectively advertise your Skillshare courses to gain new students. Some groups have very strict rules while others are not effective at bring you new students. Finding good places to advertise my Skillshare courses has been a struggle for me and I wanted to share how, where, and what I have been doing to advertise my Skillshare courses.

The goal of the course is to help new Skillshare instructors avoid some the bumps I had getting started. I will review social media groups and online forums that allow Skillshare course advertising. This Is A Basic Marketing For Beginners Course.

This course includes a detailed spreadsheet outlining all the information we discuss in the course. This tool will help you get your marketing efforts started faster and serve as a resource for your future advertising.

I hope you will gain from a desire to share your knowledge with your fellow Skillshare instructors and people who are interested in becoming Skillshare instructors through this course. Helping to create a better community for all of us. Join me in this course and let’s get starting learning and building success.

Instructors: Phillip Dillow

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