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Marketing strategy

How are you going to change your marketing (website, brochures, landing pages, phone calls) to present yourself as a professional service provider rather than as a product maker?

Most web designers aren’t maximizing their revenue because they sell websites for a few thousand dollars. To sell websites for $15,000, you need to take a client-centred approach to marketing. This means, first of all, recognizing how clients see you. They see web design as a professional service rather than as a product. So position yourself as a professional, trusted advisor and you’ll be able to command a higher price for your services. Your approach to marketing should be consistent with how successful professional service firms (accounting, law, finance, physicians, etc.) market themselves.

The easiest way to sell higher-priced websites is by specializing. Specialization in this context means to specialize in helping specific industry groups. Specialization does not mean only doing WordPress websites or Drupal websites; this sort of specialization is “firm-focused” rather than “client-centred.” The key to higher revenue is being “client-centred.”

A second way to get higher budget projects is by getting government contracts.

A key to commanding higher prices is to mature as a business. This means have formalized, consistent processes so that things don’t fall through the cracks. Present an aura of professionalism and you’ll be able to justify your high fees.

Being professional does not necessarily mean branding yourself as a larger firm than you actually are. Boutique professional service firms (e.g., specialized law firms) often charge out at the highest rates. Being small and versatile can equate to “premium.” You need to decide if you want to use you and your partner(s) names or if you want to build a brand independent of the owners.


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