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[100% Off] React Native Masterclass (2020): 4 Great Secrets Udemy Coupon

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Fancy building native mobile apps for both Android and iOS with the same source code?

Well in this training I show you how to do it by creating a Taxi app like Uber. This kind of application is in great demand and popular, but on the net there are very few training courses that deal with this subject in French. Lucky for you, here it is on Udemy.

Currently in the Internet world, there is a mobile application for almost everything: for Health Care, for Dating, Shopping etc. The development of Mobile Application is not the same as before. The process once included the design, functionality, cost, and time needed to build the Application for each platform. It was necessary both to know Java to develop for Android and also Swift (Objective C) for iOS. Something that made it difficult for a single programmer.

When I was starting out as a developer, I started with web programming (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular, React ect.) And very quickly I wanted to create my mobile app. And the idea of ​​learning two different programming languages ​​for two different platforms didn’t make me happy. It was then that I learned of the existence of Ionic. But very quickly I saw and understood the limits of Ionic, especially the fact that Ionic allows you to create mobile applications hybrids, hence Ionic applications more often look like web pages and have a performance issue. It was then that I discovered React Native which, to my surprise, is easier to learn since you just need to know how to use React to use it. And React Native is much more efficient than Ionic.

Did you know that Uber is coded in React Native?

React Native is a JavaScript framework based on React. It is open source and maintained by Facebook. It allows to create mobile applications NATIVES (and not hybrid) on iOS and Android (cross-platform) by reusing the components NATIVES of the platform. Hence the performance is better.

You’ve probably heard it said that in order to progress as a developer you have to train on real projects and try to clone (reproduce), with your own code, the applications that you like.

So in my spare time, I got into the idea of ​​creating an app that would do the same service as Uber. I of course immediately looked to see if there were any tutorials on this on the Internet. I found a lot of them but only in English. It was then that I said to myself: “Julien, if you succeed in doing it, you will have to make it accessible to francophones”.

This is why I created this training which will allow you to create a taxi ordering application thanks to React Native. You could even be inspired by this to create your own version of Uber.

I am Julien, web developer and bestseller author Ionic 4 – Create a Shopping Application. I love JavaScript and its Frameworks / libraries. I am particularly proficient in JQuery, TypeScript, Angular, Ionic, React, React Native, Meteor, Electron, NodeJs etc. And I have learned from experience that it is easier to learn to program with a project that we like. This is why this course is project oriented. We will learn how to develop Native and cross-platform mobile applications thanks to React Native by creating a Taxi app like Uber. Thanks also to Expo, React Navigation, to the Flexbox and React Hooks that will be very helpful to all of us. This is a unique opportunity for you, given that this is currently the only tutorial in French that deals specifically with this subject on Udemy. And it’s okay if you don’t know about Flexboxes or React Hooks because I’ll explain all of that to you in the training appendix. “At the root of all success, there is the fact of having dared”. So believe in yourself and you will arrive. For my part, I am committed to supporting you and responding to your concerns throughout the training.

Thanks to Udemy, this training is 30-day money-back guarantee and that without any conditions. If you don’t like the class, it’s easy, we’ll reimburse you. So register now.

This training will allow you to:

  • Create a taxi app like Uber, which will allow you to launch your own startup or to impress recruiters to get the job of your dreams;

  • To use Expo and React Native together which will allow you to develop native mobile applications for both Android and iOS in record time

  • To familiarize yourself with React Navigation version 5 which will allow you to effectively implement navigation in all your applications;

  • Use and View icons in React Native with Ionicons, which will allow you to have a different design for iOS and Android;

  • To use react-native-maps to display a map in your application, which will allow you to view a user’s location on the map;

  • Use the component Marker which will allow you to display markers on your map;

  • Use the component Polyline which will allow you to draw and display routes on your map;

  • To use PolyLine of mapbox, which will allow you to decode routes and make them usable on your map;

  • To use expo-permissions ofExpo, which will allow you to obtain permission from the user to access their location;

  • To use expo-rental ofExpo, which will allow you to get the user’s position (latitude and longitude);

  • To use expo-google-app-auth ofExpo, which will allow you to connect (authenticate) the user through their Google account;

  • To use expo-font d’Expo, which will allow you to use fonts downloaded from the Internet in your applications;

  • To use constant-expo d’Expo, which will allow you to use and access the constants of the application (phone);

  • To use with ease the main components of React Native namely: View, Text, StyleSheet, Picture, TextInput, ScrollView, FlatList, ActivityIndicator which will allow you to create complex components without having to look too much at the documentation;

  • To use and distinguish between the components Touchable of React Native namely: TouchableOpacity, TouchableHighlight, TouchableWithoutFeedback, TouchableWithNativeFeedback, which will allow you to create custom hotspots and buttons;

  • Use and familiarize yourself with React Native APIs such as: Keyboard, Dimensions, Platform, AsyncStorage, etc. which will allow you to interact with the features of the phone;

  • To use and familiarize yourself with Expo APIs such as: expo-permissions, expo-rental, expo-font, expo-google-app-auth, constant-expo which will allow you to understand how to use any Expo API.

  • To master useState and useEffect which will allow you to create controlled fields and perform functions in different lifecycles of a component;

  • To master the Flexbox css and put them into practice in React Native with Flexbox Yoga, which will allow you to create designs and layouts with ease;

Instructors: Julien Kisoni


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