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Gianluca Sidoti

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[100% Off] Master in Technical Analysis of Financial Markets Udemy Coupon

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The technical analysis it is an interdisciplinary methodology that studies the performance of financial instruments through information provided by the market, such as price, volume, volatility, “open interest” and “sentiment” (the degree of confidence of operators in the market prospects) where available.

A wide range of techniques can be applied to this evaluation of price action, including algorithmic, statistical, quantitative analysis and graphic models. A basic premise of the technical approach is that the market discounts everything.

Implementing behavioral finance and neuroeconomics in the analysis helps to better understand the effect of social, cognitive and emotional factors on price trends and to improve the quality of results.

The objectives of the Technical Analysis are:

  • the definition of the reference framework of a market or a set of markets in terms of risk / opportunity on different time bases
  • the creation and implementation of operational strategies aimed at optimizing the risk-return-time ratio
  • the study and application of money management rules through discretionary and / or automated approaches, in compliance with the risk-return profile of users.

The Master was entirely created by Gianluca Sidoti and the TraDetector team: qualified experts of recognized academic renown with an updated and in-depth knowledge of the sector.

TraDetector offers the trainee a complete overview of the Technical Analysis methodologies (starting from the basic graphic analysis, to get to the most recent and sophisticated methodologies) and of its connections with other disciplines (quantitative analysis, cyclical, statistics, neural networks, behavioral finance etc.), to be applied for the study and trading and investment activities on financial markets.

The recipients are financial operators, private investors, traders who want to complete their preparation and knowledge of the subject.

During the course you will learn to recognize the signals used by the great Traders, acquiring the ability to select only the best trades, based on the so-called Market dynamics, which are jealously kept only for participants in the TraDetector Academy courses.

You will be guided, step by step, from identifying the entry into the trade to its exit, in your trading and you will realize that, with the right guide, achieving profitable Trading is easily available to everyone.

At the end of the course, you will then have a precise method in hand that will allow you to get 70-80% or more of winning trades, limit losses with tight stops and learn trade management to optimize profits month after month. You will then be able to carry out your trading plans which you can trade live in no time.

Our experience, with students of all ages and skills, has allowed us, in fact, to create the Master in Technical Analysis as an operational-intensive course “from A to Zeta” in which every concrete aspect of trading is treated so that the student can perfectly know all the steps to be taken to quickly get to his first live trade in full autonomy and safety.

During the sessions of the course the techniques for reading the graphs, the characteristics of the different markets, the objective signals of entering the trade, the calculation to identify exactly where to put the stop loss, the use of the most common platforms with the indications on how to use them and the suggestions of the brokers best suited to each student’s trading style (Forex or Futures or Equity etc …)

Virtually no theoretical or concrete aspects are left to the discretion of the student who has a real pre-organized path that, once followed to the letter, ferries him into the world of real trading without unnecessary indulgence in irrelevant theoretical aspects.

Instructors: Gianluca Sidoti


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