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Enes Zengin

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[100% Off] Machine Learning with Python (2020) Udemy Coupon

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Hello there!

With the developing computer and software technologies, perhaps we are not fully aware of the impact on our lives with each passing day. Machine Learning Are you ready to go on a long, tiring but extremely fun journey? During this course, you will be able to access theoretical and practical information on many topics you will need in machine learning starting from the basic level. The collection, processing and use of data, which is a very important parameter in Machine Learning, is one of the most popular programming languages ​​of recent years. Python will be done with. In Python, you will start from the basic level in the same way and step by step.

How is the Learning Method?

In each section of the course, first, basic information is given in brief, understandable and theoretical contents and an attempt is made to put a template in your mind. Then, you will put your theoretical knowledge into practice with the applications prepared according to the characteristics of each section. In some of these apps, you may need to find answers using Google. This will enable you to spend effort to access information and not to forget the information you have learned. More complex and complex applications will be made depending on the department and the level you have reached in the course over time.

Course Curriculum

  1. Introduction to the Course

  2. Machine Learning for Everyone

  3. Introduction to Python

  4. Python: Matplotlib and DataFrames

  5. Sample Application

  6. Python and Data Science

  7. Python and Statistics

  8. Supervised Learning

  9. Unsupervised Learning

  10. Resources to Follow

We will try to answer your questions about each department and course in the course as soon as possible. In case you specify the points that you want to improve and other opinions about the course, we will try to update them quickly when necessary. In addition, updating the content of the course regularly and adding new departments / courses if necessary are also included in our plans. Before starting the course, we would like to remind you of the points we think are useful to pay attention to.

  • Try to get a lot of reading on every topic.

  • Try to make examples and applications yourself, challenge yourself. Do not forget to get help from Google for the points where you are stuck.

  • Working by typing will always keep what you have told in mind. Study each topic by taking notes for yourself. In this way, you can notice the points that you think you understand but are actually stuck and you can quickly solve the problems.

Good luck everyone!

Enes Zengin

F. Berkay Akalın

Instructors: Enes Zengin


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