[100%Off] Learn how to produce a song from 0 in your Home Studio Udemy Coupon

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Carlos de Jesus Alberto Lira

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[100% Off] Learn how to produce a song from 0 in your Home Studio Udemy Coupon

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This is a super course where you will learn to record and mix a song from 0, the course is mostly practical but we will also see some theoretical foundations to reinforce the knowledge and that all these techniques can be implemented in your musical productions.

Although we will be working with Pro Tools in this course, it will be useful to you in the same way for any audio software (DAW) that you use since the knowledge that you will acquire is applicable for any platform.

It is important to emphasize that everything we will see in this course is aimed at recording from home, in home studios or spaces that are not conditioned to record, but even so we are going to see many tips to achieve a professional sound.


We are going to record a song from 0 and later we are going to mix it, during that process we are going to review topics like:

* Connection and configuration of audio interface with your computer

* How to use two interfaces at the same time to record audio

* Theory of audio, balanced and unbalanced cables, sample rate, bit depth, types of microphones and their characteristics.

* Sound capture for batteries

* Sound capture for acoustic guitars and electric guitars

* Sound capture for electric bass

* Sound capture for keyboards

* Sound capture of voices

* Microphone techniques

* Guitar Amplification

* Editing, we are going to edit and show editing techniques

* Put a song to the metronome

* Triger and sound replacement

* Quantize batteries

* Use virtual amps for guitars and basses

* The phase of our sound captures

* Corrective equalization

* Color equalization

* Buses and shipments

* Sidechain


* Parallel compression

* Signal levels

* Add effects, reverb, delay

* Reverb solder

* Automation and much more

Instructors: Carlos de Jesus Alberto Lira


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