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About this Course

A common part of programming is bugs that often result in breaking the code. Imagine you’ve finished your code and the moment you hit the run code button, it breaks and you can’t figure out what went wrong. So, now you have to spend time and energy and go through each line of code to figure out what happened. Well, what if you could have caught the bug earlier, it would have save hours. This is why a lot of developers are now turning towards Continuous Integration.

Continuous Integration tests every time your code is changed, which means that each line of code you add is automatically tested, the results of which will let you know if the code works or breaks. Sounds like an amazing piece of software doesn’t it? Well, what if you could learn this software in a simple and easy way?

This Continuous Integration with Jenkins course has been designed to help you master this brilliant software from scratch. We assume that you have no prior knowledge of Jenkins and Continuous Integration, but we do assume that you have an idea of how Ubuntu works, as well as basic virtualization concepts.

Using a hands-on approach, you will learn exactly what is CI, what is Jenkins, how to install CI, integrate it into your code and test your code. You will also learn a little bit about Java, including creating a basic ‘Java Hello World’ project.

Using the optimum combination of theory and practical, this course will help you learn exactly how to get the most out of your code. So, if you are looking to improve your coding process, or looking to build your application compiling and integration skills, you are welcome to take this CI tutorial.

What you will find in this course:

  • What is Jenkins and Continuous Integration
  • A brief introduction to the system
  • How to install Jenkins and integrate the CI
  • Basic configuration of your Jenkins
  • Real-world example by building and testing a Java application using Maven through Jenkins


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