[100%Off] Learn C # from scratch. First steps with this language. Udemy Coupon

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[100% Off] Learn C # from scratch. First steps with this language. Udemy Coupon

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In this course you can learn the basic notions of the programming language C # VERSION 8: quickly and effectively.

Broadly speaking, the course content will be as follows:

A) Introduction

1) Agenda Installation of the environment.

2) Types of projects we can create Creating my first project

B) Most used data types and operators

3) Variables and data types

4) Enum and struct

5) Arithmetic and assignment operators

6) Equality operators and logical operators

7) Practicing with an example

C) Arrays and lists

8) Int, string, float and multidimensionale arrays

9) Working with lists, arraylist… ..

10) Practicing with an example 2

D) Conditional structures.

11) if-else structure

12) Switch (Classic and new version)

13) Conditional operator (?)

14) Practicing with an example 3

E) Loops

15) for and foreach loops

16) Loop while and do-while

17) Practicing with an example 4

F) String and stringBuilder

18) Working with strings

19) StringBuilder, StreamWriter, StreamReader. Files.

20) Practicing with an example 5

G) Objects and inheritance

21) Classes, objects and inheritance. We create our own objects

22) Protected, public, base, override, virtual, static.

23) Abstract classes, interfaces and polymorphisms

24) Practicing with an example 6

H) The methods, functions, recursion

25) Method types: Public, private, protected, constructor, constructor and method overload

26) Void methods, methods that return data, methods with parameters. Keywords in, ref, out

27) Local functions

28) Recursion

29) Practicing with an example 7

I) Exceptions, Readonly and const

30) Exceptions

31) Static classes, variables and methods.

32) readonly and const keywords

J) Final application

33) Practicing what has been learned doing a program

Instructors: JAP Software


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