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Kasey Shah

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[100% Off] Evidence Rule Statements for Bar Exam & Law School Exam Udemy Coupon

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This course is designed to teach you all the major rule statements of Evidence substantive law for essay writing section of the Bar Exam and Law School Exam. I will share two variations of the rule statements and identify elements for each rule statement. I will explain the rule statement in video lectures. I will also share PDF documents with the rule statement variations and elements.

Furthermore, I will challenge you to write rule statement variations #3 and #4 on your own so that you learn how to make up your own rule statements from the elements. This method has worked very well for me and many other students that I have shared it with because once you practice with this method you will not have to remember rule statements verbose. It will relieve your exam worries and you can use the time to prepare for MBE and Performance Test sections of the Bar Exam.

Hot Pencil Essay Writing Drill Method Pioneered by Kasey Shah:

I have pioneered Hot Pencil Drill Method of short essay writing to help students get started on writing essays early, gain confidence in their essay writing, and receive a good score on their essays. To that end, I have and will be providing short fact patterns for every rule statements in this course to encourage you to write IRAC based short essay responses. You will write two short essays for each of the short fact patterns, Hot Pencil Drill 1 and 2.

In Hot Pencil Drill 1 you are asked to write a full IRAC for each element not to exceed 5 paragraphs and 10 minutes. In Hot Pencil Drill 2, you are asked to write an accelerated IRAC based short essay response not to exceed 2 paragraphs and under 5 minutes. I am very confident that upon the completion of this course you will lose your fear of essay writing and would be more confident essay writer, which is sure to result in a great essay score in the Bar Exam and/or Law School Exam.

Objectives For This Course:

  1. Provide students with the rule statements for all major Criminal Law substantive topics.
  2. Guide students to write their own rule statements and engage in a practice of not memorizing rule statements for this subject.
  3. Guide students to write short essays based on my innovative method of “Hot Pencil Drills” to relieve anxiety of writing essays, lose fear of writing essays, and receive great score for their essays at the Bar Exam and/or Law School Exam.

Free Essay Grading Limited Time Offer:

For a limited time, I am offering free essay grading and mentoring to the Bar Exam candidates as well as Law School students enrolled in this course. Send me 1 essay or send me 100 essays. I will provide you with annotated vide and text feedback to help you improve your essay writing and receive great score at the Bar Exam and/or Law School Exam.

List of Rule Statements Covered in Evidence:

Please note that this course is constantly being updated and new rule statements are added and the current rule statements and short fact patterns are updated. For the list of Rule Statements included in this course, please check Curriculum Section for this course.

Instructors: Kasey Shah


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