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David Palencia

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[100% Off] Double your productivity, stop procrastinating your success! Udemy Coupon

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Procrastination is within all of us. It is the result of our routines, well-being, attitudes and behavior, but the good news is that we can control the environment in which procrastination thrives or dies.

In this course, you will learn not only how to stop procrastinating but to double your productivity, do much more in less time, taking advantage of inspiration, motivation, personal awareness, and specific methods in order to be more productive. We will show you how to “displace” procrastination with powerful routines, attitudes, tools and techniques that will break old habits.

If you are a student, a professional, an entrepreneur or just embark on a new hobby, you are forced to deal with an increasing amount of information and knowledge. In fact, it is believed that a week in the New York Times contains more information than people found 100 years ago in their entire lives. We have all experienced the frustration perhaps of having a growing homework list, struggling to learn a new language or forgetting things you learned even in your favorite subjects, among others.

Do not let the postponement steal your time, we will show you how to regain control of the forces of procrastination to be more efficient and apply simple, practical and effective methods to do more in less time.

Accede to

  • Additional hours of supplementary video.

  • Regular assignments of tasks, games, worksheets and other complementary materials.

  • The ultimate goal of this course is to provide you with the tools to live your life purpose happily, stop procrastinating to be more products and do things faster and more effectively.

  • Our fully updated methodology for 2018

  • All relevant content based on thousands of data points from students like you.

Anyone can develop skills to eliminate procrastination and be more productive! TRUST ME.

Give yourself the opportunity to learn to:

  • Create strategic awareness for action; by implementing the wheel of life balancing all areas of your life, also taking into account that time is money.

  • Strategic time management and creation of fast environments eliminating distractions.

  • Use the power of music.

  • Integrate productivity into your daily routine.

  • Accelerate health and exercise.

  • Determine the actions and prioritize: by executing the activity: “Urgent vs. Important”; in addition to the implementation of the Pareto rule.

  • Methods and systems for personal productivity such as: GTD methodology, multitasking, pomodoro technique, doing the boring nice, learn to say No, learn to delegate, Parkinson’s law; In addition to other interesting techniques.

  • Make and supervise to make good decisions.

  • Do not waste time on the computer.

  • You will learn to implement tools, Apps and systems such as: Note and calendar managers, time managers “control of work / rest / concentration blocks”, web blockers, project and task managers, distraction managers.

  • Implement continuous and disruptive improvement through retaking and action.

  • Be more productive and happy as a result of learning the best time management skills so you can always devote time to exercise / health, family / friends, education and risk and be your own boss and live life fully.

  • To be more productive and happy as a result of having unstoppable confidence (literally achieving any goal).

  • Be more productive as a result of eliminating distractions and optimizing your daily work schedule.

  • Be more productive as a result of eliminating your worries and realizing that everything you need already has it.

  • Get the result of not allowing stressful situations (or difficult people) to reach you, in addition to understanding that the crisis means opportunity.

  • Eliminate things from our lives that prevent our maximum performance without forgetting when and why to take your breaks.

  • To be more productive with your peer group.

  • Be more productive and happy as a result of relaxation, meditation, powerful routines.

  • You will also learn to be more productive as a result of knowing how crucial it is to take action now and stop procrastinating.

  • How to face your day with force and live with a purpose.

  • The benefits of personal integrity.

  • How to change your habits through with high impact techniques.

I am David Palencia and together with a whole team of professionals, Gustavo Beltran in Operations Management, researchers and teachers, consultants, coach, our passionate designers, Welivinn cameramen we want to give you the warmest welcome to this course and tell you that we are at your entire disposal, to help you achieve the desired results.

I promise you that after taking the course you will never see time in the same way.

The time has come to double your productivity, and stop procrastinating your success!


Instructors: David Palencia


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