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Omer Yavuz

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[100% Off] Developing Algorithm with Python Udemy Coupon

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While generally programming languages ​​are learned;

  • Hello World”Is printed,

  • Two numbers entered by the user are added,

  • Dear; If it is divided into two, it is calculated as double, if not divided by one,

  • All numbers from 1 to 20 are printed on the screen with the loop …

Of course, all this is not insignificant, but it is necessary to learn the grammatical structure of the language (so to speak). Unfortunately, after learning this basic structure, the programming adventure that has to start is over for most people. After all, the certificates were taken or somehow passed the course.

Here is the purpose of my preparation of this course; To help beginners to develop algorithms by thinking solution-oriented and to contribute to the active use of coding as a problem solving tool.

Those who have never been familiar with Python, but have already been interested in another programming language, who want to know basic Python and improve their problem solving skills, and educators teaching Python can take this course.

Course; as it is now Problem solving and Game Development It consists of sections. In later times; new courses will be added to different departments and existing departments.

Instructors: Ömer Yavuz


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