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Merve Ayyuce Kizrak

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[100% Off] Deep Learning A-Z ™ | Deep Learning with Python Udemy Coupon

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Artificial intelligence I invite you to this comprehensive “Introduction to Deep Learning” training which includes theoretical explanation and practical applications from basic to advanced level to learn deep learning methods if you want to enter the field and develop “learning” applications.

When you finish the training, you will learn the basics of deep learning, the steps to create and develop artificial neural network models, and how you can accomplish successful artificial learning projects. The methods we will apply:

  • Basic Artificial neural networks,

  • Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN)

  • Recursive neural networks (RNN)

  • Long-short term memory model (LSTM)

  • In machine learning optimization and regularization methodsni,

  • Capsule nets,

  • Reinforced learning (RL)

  • Controversial manufacturer networks (Gan)

All these methods Python using programming language tensorflow and working behind You will apply in Keras libraries.

Artificial intelligence and deep learning develop and transform multiple industries. After completing this lesson, you can find creative ways to apply it to your business.

Instructors: Merve Ayyuce Kizrak


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